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Pewter House

1,350 sqft (note, second floor area calculated

as floor area with at least 7' ceiling height)

 2 Bedrooms, 1 Full Bath 1 Half Bath -$2,000

From living room toward stair and ktichen

Pewter House interior living room
Modern interior main bedroom Pewter House

Main bedroom

Pewter House exterior entry at night
Modern Pewter house exterior
Pewter House interior towards kitchen

Living and dining area

Pewter House diagram of bedrooms

Bedrooms are located at both ends of the

second floor in a triangle shape

Pewter House stair diagram

The stair is designed to be made of birch plywood which can be sourced at a local home supply store and birch treads and risers. There are slots designed into the guard walls to allow light to pass through and some slots are designed with shelving for storage

Pewter House second floor plan
Pewter House first floor plan

The Pewter House is ideal for a small family or as a weekend home.  On the ground floor, the house is predominantly open plan, with spaces organized around a birch plywood stair, with storage below.  The living room connects the occupants to the exterior with large floor-to-ceiling windows.  The second level is a modern A-frame, with two bedrooms wrapped in wood on both ends of the house. 

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