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House Plan License Agreement

J_spy Architecture and Design is excited to provide this licensing agreement for a modern house design.  With a signed agreement and payment, J_spy licenses the Licensee to use the drawings to construct one house at any site the Licensee chooses.  The Licensee is allowed to make modifications to the design with the understanding that any changes will have to be coordinated between the Licensee and the builder, or other design professional. The Licensee agrees not to re-sell or allow others to re-use the drawings, or design derivatives, for any additional construction or other work.  Once the licensee received the PDF of the drawing set, the sale is final.


The Licensee should work with their local building officials to confirm if a permit is required for construction. In most cases, a home owner can obtain the permit with a builder, but If your building department requires an architect to stamp the drawings, they will only accept a stamp from a professional licensed in the state where you plan to build. In this case, you will need to take your house plans to a local engineer or architect for review and stamping.


Special note on the structural framing.  The house was designed using the architect’s experience with other house projects and rules of thumb and should work as drawn for most locations, however, each location has their own building code requirements for snow load, wind load, or seismic design.  Given how these requirements vary throughout the country, no single structural design could comply with all local codes.  Because of this, the Licensee acknowledges that the drawings need to be reviewed by a local engineer before any construction. The drawings provided by J_spy Architecture and Design should make it easy and efficient for a structural engineer to review.


The Licensee is granted permission to print sets of the house drawings as needed for pricing, permitting, and construction of the project.


The drawings and design provided by J_spy Architecture and Design should be sufficient to build the majority of the house.  Even though some interior finishes are proposed in the drawings, the interior design of the house is not included, so the Licensee acknowledges that they will coordinate with the builder to select the interior finishes and fixtures. Further, the mechanical system will be specified by the builder at the Licensee’s instruction.  


Construction costs will vary greatly across the country.  The drawings provided by J_spy Architecture and Design will be very useful in getting bidding from a contractor.  Additional elements that will contribute to the cost of the project are:  the site and soil conditions, utility connections, mechanical system, and interior finishes and fixtures.  The builder should be able to provide a more complete cost estimated by working with the Licensee to determined some of these additional components.  The Licensee acknowledges financing the construction of the project is their responsibility.


J_spy Architecture and Design is available to answer questions regarding the construction design or process at an hourly rate of $250 per hour.  Licensees who have purchased a design from J_spy Architecture and Design will be given a credit of $500 for future questions. 

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