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our process:

J_spy is an award winning, boutique design firm based in the NYC metro area.  We specialize in creative, highly detailed, modern designs.  If we were to describe our work in one sentence, it would be that we strive to make architecture that is better in real life than in a photograph. Often we feel architecture can be too focused on a visual aesthetic which results in great photos, but the reality of experiencing the space is disappointing.  Our work focuses on light, materiality, volume, and how you move through space, to make our projects worth experiencing.

Beyond this broad ideology, our work is very modern and strives to find simple, pure forms, to respond to the program and site conditions.  We start each project by discussing with our client, their program, but also more broadly to understand how this project fits into their lives or business goals.   As a staring point of design for each project, we look for something unique in this initial discussion with our client to be the inspiration for the project trajectory. Because of this, our work responds very well to each client’s unique goals.

The ultimate goal for our work is to make timeless spaces that society would want to preserve for future generations. 

who we are:

Jason Shannon and Paola Yañez met while studying architecture at Carnegie Mellon University.  We moved to NYC after graduating and worked for various prestigious architecture firms.  We started J_spy in 2012.  Between the both of them, Paola and Jason are licensed to practice in NY, NJ, PA and CT.

client testimonials:

"I have only positive things to say about Jason Shannon (JSPY Architecture LLC) - they did a great job, were quick, reliable, took full ownership, etc. Pricing was very fair too.​" - Steven M., as found at

"I highly recommend JSPY. They are detailed, thorough, timely, and very present in the entire renovation process.​" - Allison, as found at

Modern Architects from Carnegie Mellon
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contact us:

call:  917 558 1599

83 storms ave. jersey city. nj

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