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2022 AIANYS Design Awards Logo_FINAL_4-11-22_bleed.jpg

J_spy won a prestigious design merit award for detached residential homes less than 2,500 sqft. 

J_spy's Catskill house was featured in Future Homes, by Avi Friedman, focusing on the project's sustainability features

Link to Build Review Award

J_spy awarded "Most Creative Boutique Architecture Design Firm - NYC Metro" 2020

Link to NY Post article

Catskills House featured in February 27th, 2020 paper

Link to Dezeen article

Catskills House featured on June 18th, 2019

DVEight logo

Catskills House featured in DVEIGHT Magazine summer issue, 2018

Link to Dwell Magazine article

Catskills House featured in Dwell Magazine issue March/April 2018

Link to J_spy article on Arch Daily

Catskills House featured on ArchDaily, April 2018

Frame Magazine Logo

Rebel Bingo featured in Frame Magazine Issue#83

Mark Magazine Logo

Dissident Pentagon featured in Mark Magazine Issue#25

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