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*coming soon*  Ochre House

1,275 sqft 

2 Bedrooms, 1 Full Bath -$2,000

The Ochre House is designed for warm and dry climates where shading of the southern sun is ideal.  The exterior walls are proposed as rammed earth, but could easily be accomplished with masonry or stucco.  This house features lots of exterior space, from an entry garden, a large covered patio, and a pool outside the bedrooms.  This house is ideal for roof top solar panels for a potentially full off grid house.

Main bedroom

Ochre House rear patio

Rear Patio

Ochre House main entry

Entry garden

Ochre House interior living room

From living room toward patio

Ochre House main bedroom looking towards pool

Main bedroom view of pool

Ochre House private plunge pool


Ochre House floor plan
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