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Newburgh Bubble Maze plan
Newburgh Bubble Maze

Bubble Maze

Newburgh Design for Play Competition

Newburgh, NY

Competition Entry

Newburgh Bubble Maze

During the pandemic, we have all had to restrict ourselves to our immediate bubble of life.  Isolating ourselves in this bubble is the safest, but we have to find a way to break out.  This scheme imagines us carrying around half a bubble, or more specifically, a bubble umbrella, to protect ourselves without the need of a mask.  To keep us from looking silly carrying around umbrellas, we are proposing an installation of misting water nozzles that will create an area of fog to provide cooling during the summer, and a fun place to experience with the umbrellas.  The structure is scaffold that we hope to have donated for the installation.  We imagine kids running through without umbrellas, and others finding a nook to hang out with friends.  Even after the pandemic, this installation is a great respite from the summer heat and a fun experience. 

Newburgh Bubble Maze
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