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Micro Store Pop-up Concept

Jersey City, NJ

This project is a temporary installation scheduled to be installed May through October 2013.  J_spy conceived this project for two main purposes.  First, as a symbol of hope and change in a blighted community.  The project location is in front of a vacant building on a spotty retail street.  One of the most significant problems in blighted neighborhoods is vacant and abandoned properties.  These areas become abused and have a tendency to become the location of illegal activity.  The project's intent is to bring activity to this corner to support the neighboring businesses by adding to the street traffic.  In addition, the presence of an active store will keep negative influences from abusing the site.

The second purpose is to support a local entrepreneur who is starting his own business.  Rising Tide Capital is a local non-profit that supports the development of entrepreneur’s.  For this project, Rising Tide will nominate one of their graduates to have use of the Micro Store for the 6-month duration of the project rent-free.  This will enable the new business to test their product in real world conditions and begin to build a customer base before they have the expense of a permanent location.

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