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Exterior Evening Highline Tower Rendering From High Line Park

Highline Tower Concept

"Small Apartments - Big Windows"

New York, New York

Interior Highline Tower Kitchen Rendering
Close-up Exterior Highline Tower Evening Rendering
Highline Tower Ceiling Height Diagram
Highline Tower Colored Glass Diagram
Exterior Morning Highline Tower Rendering from Street Corner
Highline Tower Apartments Diagram

Apartment buildings often produce boring apartments.  The goal of making a profitable building is certainly understandable, but little imagination is given to the layout of apartments in terms of quality of space.  The pancake floor slab with an eye-catching facade is the standard. If the pandemic has taught us anything about apartment living, is that we need apartments that aren't just a place to sleep and eat, but a place to really live.  This means varied ceiling heights, thoughtful materials, and lighting strategies that make us enjoy spending time at home.  The goal of the Highline Tower project is to explore ways to maximize the area of apartments for rent or sale, while finding creative ways to make the experience of living in the apartments more life affirming. 

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