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Guest Shelter

White Lake, NY

Speculative Project

Guest Shelter modern exterior
Guest Shelter modern exterior diagram
Guest Shelter modern interior sleeping loft

People have a strong pull toward the mysterious so we are proposing a unique space that allows for discovery and surprise.  We have drawn inspiration from the classic architectural follies of Europe which dot the landscape to draw the curious and we combined this with the enticing secret walled gardens of England.  We propose building a guest house that provides visitors with a sense of mystery and discovery, where the exterior offers no hints about the space within, a space that disconnects them from their hectic lives and gives them an opportunity to reconnect with themselves.  

This new space we are proposing is a small 300 square foot sleeping and bathing house that looks like a monolithic rock structure that could have been on the site for a hundred years.  The exterior structure is composed of a Gabion wall system, occluding any hint of what is inside.  Upon entering through a narrow slit in the exterior, guests discover two tall spaces with a glass ceilings and living garden walls. The 15’ high ceilings draw the eye up to the sky and sun during the day.  In the sleeping volume, there is a long low window in the living space to connect a guests to the ground, and the bed is raised near the ceiling to provide a blanket of stars for your view at night.  In the bathroom volume, the guests would be draped in sunlight as they bathe in the free standing tub next to the living green wall.

Guest Shelter modern interior bathroom
Guest Shelter sectional diagram
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